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Proving Guajacum

(article in .doc format)

Proving of Guajacum in detail
( part of CWO project, conducted by Vladimir Petroci in Slovakia 1996/1997 )

Prover: A. K.

Score: 28/6
Status before the proving: good feeling, in harmony, no pains, from time to time coughing a bit, dry nasal mucuous membrane already long time, sensitive throat (without acute inflammation).
Day 1. :
17.00 - Burning of upper lip as a herpetic eruptions would appear (RS), better after 3 hours. Mind: I feel perfectly, very good energy, but the feeling I am out of the body (NS). If to give in a rubric: Delusion, hovering in the air, spirit like a. Feeling of middle intensity.
Day 2.:
5.00 - 7.00 Tired, weak, sleepy (OS).
10.00 - Mild nausea from stomach (RS), insecurity in balance during walking, something like vertigo (NS).
12.00-14.00 - Sleepy, tired, weak (OS). Insecure balance (NS). I am "out of my skin" (NS).
14.00 - 18.00 - Dry, burning lips, both sides (NS).
20.00 - Stitching pain in right kidney (NS).
Dream: I want to take a shower, but I don´t have a privacy, somebody disturbs me continuously.                       
Day 3.:
5.00-7.00 - Too tired and sleepy, I can´t wake up (NS).
14.00 - Burning of lips, as if burnt by something hot.
16.00 - Pain in right hip (RS). ( I had it in a past.);         
Whole day sensation as if "from outside" (NS).
18.00 - Extreme tiredness! I has to go to sleep. I am sleeping 12 hours.
Dream: about prolonged cat (like a badger-dog) that couldn´t get over a fence.
Day 4.:
6.00 - Although I slept quite a long time I can´t to wake up. I feel "dull." My lips are burning.
13.00 - Vertigo, sensation insecurity in balance. I am tired and weak.
18.00 - Because of weakness I has to go to the bed.
Day 5.:
Despite of that I slept 15 hours I feel tired, "slowed", it takes me a long time to be in motion (NS). Burning lips. Steady feeling that I am "from outside" (NS).
12.00 - vertigo, insecurity in balance (NS).
17.00 - 19.00 - Pain in right hip, by times very intense (RS).
Mind: In spite of fact the body is tired, "non obeyant and lazy", my mind is very clear, as if I had overview, as if I could to see the things from distance.
Dream: I solved in my dream the problem I couldn´t solve during day. I found very good solution.
Day 6.:
I slept 8 hours, I feel less tired and sleepy.
The lips are peeling.They don´t burn any more (NS).
11.00 - I slept for 30 minutes, because I was tired.
17.00 Pain in hip joint (RS).
20.00 - Intense pain in lumbar region of back (RS). Very tired!!! (NS) I go to sleep.
Dream: Constantly I walk and I´m trying to solve something.
Day 7.:            
I get up very tired, sleepy and slowed down (NS).
6.00 - Pain in right hip joint (RS).
16.00-17.00 - Tired. I am cold (NS).
19.00 - I can to move and work already.
Dream: Something dangerous jeopardized me and my children. I prayed it would leave.
Day 8.:
I don´t feel well in the morning, I´m slow.
6.00 - Pain in hip joint. After exertion I have vertigo.
During day difficult concentration. I can better to "give energy" to my son, to "charge him". My palms are warm.
21.00 - So tired, I have to sleep.
Day 9.:
5.00 - I´m tired, but less than last days.
I feel well in my work, the concentration is however quite difficult.
I feel great. Still I´m "outside", but I feel better and I feel better the others. I have feeling that I "charge" myself better and I can better concentrate the energy to my hand.I have desire to walk outdoors and I exercise Tai-chi. I have feeling, that I have much of energy and I can give it to people.
Day 10.:
In the morning I feel quite well. I can´t concentrate well.
Since morning I have a headache (left eye), < light, motion. The pain is pulsating. (NS).
17.00 - the migrenous headache much worse, redness of left eye. I have to sit in dark with black eyeglasses. The pain in eye is burning, < looking at something (NS).
20.00 - I go to sleep, I´m very tired.
Day 11.:
Since morning I´m tired, the headache is gone, my eyes are red and full of tears, mildly burning. I´m sleepy, tired, dull, the concentration is difficult.
17.00 - I have a headache, eyes are red, burning.
21.00 - I go sleep tired.
Day 12.:
In the morning I feel refreshed, but soon I´m tired.
12.00 - After an alcoholic drink I´m still more tired, the eyes are burning.
18.00 - I sleep, I´m tired, despite that I didn´t do anything today beside of cooking.
Day 13.:
7.00 - In the morning quite well.
After a dinner I´m very tired, I sit and rest.
Even a very small amount of alcohol makes my head "dull", later I get out of it.
Day 14.:
Tiredness, it´s difficult for me to get up, I´m too sleepy.
12.00 - Vertigo.
Evening - I´m active and ravenous, I eat much. I have a feeling I´m getting fat.
19.00 - Burning of bladder during urination, I pass only a small amount of urine.
Day 15.:
Tiredness in the morning.
20.00 - Weak burning sensation of bladder, I urinate small amount.
Day 16.:      
I´m not tired in the morning.
In the evening I feel as if my mind would be confused.
Day 17.:
I feel great, excellently in the morning.
11.00-12.00 - I feel confused, difficult concentration, I do often mistakes and I have to repaire them.
Day 18.:
I feel very well.
Confusion is much less.
Day 19.:      
In the morning without problems.    
11.00 - Self-pity, feeling of injustice, unappreciation.
Days 20, 21, 22, 23 etc.: I feel very well.

Evaluation of proving:
Mind: interesting experience, euforia, intense mental and physical tiredness and weakness, slowing down of mind up to losing of coordination. New capabilities, sensation as if I would be outside of my skin, feeling that I can work with energy.
Dreams: strange animals + nightmares.
Physicaly: sensation of herpes on the lip, peeling off lips, extreme tiredness, sleepiness, vertigo. Return of old symptoms. Ravenous appetite, difficult to control it. Big influence of small amount of alcohol. Lower desire and lower consumption of salt.

Prover: J. B.: (8.12.96):
12.35 (5 minutes after the remedy) - sharp pressure to the head, both sides, parietally, sensation of "a veil" in the head, numbness of upper lip more on the left side (AS). My feeling- surprise.
12.45 - retreat of numbness and formication of upper lip, improved also the pressure and "veil" in the head, stays mild pressure and warmth frontoparietally on the left side.During walking the above mentioned symptoms are better, when sitting they get worse.
12.50 - Suddenly, during walking, intense, left sided, burning lumbalgia, Th-L transition, without extension, the motion isn´t disturbed. Already long time I hadn´t it (RS).
13.00 - A chill in whole body - mainly the forearms, back, calfs (NS).
13.00 - A chill disappeared, backache is still present.
13.15 - Stitching pain in hypogastrium, sudden, disappeared immediately. "Tension" in both calfs (RS).
14.00 - Lower backache (lumbar region) suddenly disappeared. Joy because of that fact.
16.00 - After meal appeared for one minute acrid (biting) papular eruption (3x3 mm) on a buccal mucous membrane of mouth on the left side. I had spicy food, but I don´t have mucous membrane irritations neither after spicy foods generally. I was surprised. I could to touch it by tongue. Acrid irritation in the place of lost eruption I felt still for about l5 minutes.
17.15 - Intense sensation of burning in rectum during defecation, very unpleasant (AS). Sometimes I have something like this, but now it was very intense.
19.00 - Burning behind sternum for about 2 minutes.
1. Day (9.12.97):
01.00 - Not very intense backache in lumbar region on both sides, rather stitching, without extension, without reduction of mobility. Sensation of tension in calfs lasts during whole day, gradually reduced intensity.
6.00 - Again burning in rectum, < during defecation, stool is thin. Burning lasts till 6.20. It´s unpleasant. Burning is up to depth of rectum.
10.15 - Pressure behind the sternum for about 10 minutes, disappeared spontaneously.
15.00 - Nausea, uncomfortable feeling, morose, nausea lasts till 21.00 (RS). 
17.00 Mild backache on both sides, burning, for 15 minutes (usually I have backaches rather dull and of longer duration or also sharp, but never burning and so short in duration.          
2.Day (10.12.97):
8.30 - Intense unplesant psychic tension, till 9.00.
15.30 -In the place of recent eruption on the buccal mucous membrane suddenly given rise of burning maculopapular eruption for about 2 hours. I didn´t mention when it disappeared, I just realized I don´t feel it anymore.
20.30 - Nausea till 22.30.
22.00 -Pain in left thoracolumbal region - rather burning tension  -till 22.15, again short lasting, without radiation. Again intense unpleasant psychic nervous tension.
22.30 - Burning pain in left heel (NS) till when I fell asleep. I was nervous untill I fell asleep too.

During next days I didn´t realize any symptoms. I started to think that what I´ve felt was due only of my higher selfobservation and expectation. However the buccal eruption I could see also. I felt well untill Christmass.

15. Day (23.12.1996):
9.00 - 18.00 - Headache, frontal, both sides, during lunch time also parietal, < motion, < stooping. Headache is connected with nausea. The pain is pressive. Sensation of expanding of head, > pressure with fingers, > lie quietly. Morose.
16. Day:
12.00-16.00 - Burning in epigastrium - without vomiting or nausea, I´m trying to neglect it.
Dream 1: I´ve forgotten immediately, however I know I dreamt about something.  
Dream 2: One acquaintance, a woman wearing black dress came to visit us. (In reality her husband died on 13.12.1996, I didn´t meet her for two months and I wasn´t present at funeral). She came with her younger son. On the corridor I said her and her son my sorry. Both they had tears in their eyes. The end of dream. Unpleasant feeling. After waking I promissed myself to visit this woman and tell her my sorry.
Note: I have dreams very rarely, it can happen I don´t have a dream during a year.
8.35 - I´m waking up with unpleasant leftsided pain in region of Th 7-10, gloomy mood, sadness, desire for alcohol. Changing position - sitting on the bed I see black snowflakes in whole vision field. Suddenly the black snowflakes are changing to white smaller ones.
8.47 - When I´m looking at my library and books I have again desire to live, sadness disappears, again "normal", optimistic attitude to life, joy of new day.
I´m surprised how often I have dreams now. Following dreamy time I hadn´t till now yet.             
26. day (3.1.97):
3.05 - I can´t sleep, indistinct feeling of discomfort and pressure in epigastrum. Usually I have sometimes pressure in epigastrium, however not during night and I don´t wake up because of it. Even during this proving I have the pressure in epigastrium less often than usually.
Dream 1: I´m cooking a soup, however I don´t see a pot. I don´t know the room and I don´t know the people who are here. They cook the soup with me. After the dream - morose, gloomy feeling.
Dream 2: A bad one. I´m riding constantly in the train. It´s small funfair train with opened wagoons. The passangers don´t speak, they are unpleasant people full of grudge and animosity. I don´t know them. I want to get out, to escape from the train. I want to escape from the closed narrow space. The train rides in a circle in a closed space with high wals all around.with sandy base. I succed to jump out of the train when an unpleasant dominant person loses for a moment attention of me. I get over the wall out of the closed space. Finally I am behind the wall, sweated, tired but with a feeling of freedom.
Dream 3: My exhusband returned home. His face is pale. He has light blue shirt. Gloomy, discontented visage. Without a word. He crossed the living room. The light blue shirt was somehow important. The end of dream.
All three dreams gloomy, depressive, terriffying.
Note: Maybe I was under the influence of the unpleasant event. I am divorced already 6 years. My exhusband shot on 31.12.96 his friend and the friend died during the transport tohospital. I havn´t seen the accident. I´ve heard about it at the evening 1.1.1997.
27.Day (4.1.97):
Dream l: In this dream I has very intense itching of abdomen, back, chest, both arms, thighs, lumbosacral region. I know I have a scabies and I have to scratch me. Part of the mites remains behind my nails. I go to a pharmacy for a remedy Scabicid. I have bad feeling, that the pharmacist knows I have a scabies. The remedy is in a box. I met my nurse. I explained her I got the scabies from a patient. Itching was so horrible, that I had to scratch me in dream and also in reality. I woke up and I checked me, if I don´t have really the scabies.The skin was clean. (Before Christmass I had a patient with the scabies in my ambulance.)
Dream 2: I went with somebody, probably it was my younger son to a castle of Čachtice. The pathway led nearby a brook, then it was a dark path without a light, then rocks on the hill. Between the rocks I met my schoolmate from high school, she led us. We came not to the castle but to the undercastle pub.  The end of dream. Real part of dream was the first part of way I knew 30 years ago. It was surroundings of our house were we lived in that time with my parents. That place is changed now and the parents moved to another place.
Pruritus only sometimes, mainly at a waist, I´m scratching me there.
28.Day (5.1.97):
Since morning itching all over the body. I has to scratch me. I have many excoriations. No eruptions. The scratches heal without infammation.  I could to stand the pruritus in my job, however < at home, after the work, < evening, < in the bed. My nurse thought I had itching from mental stress. (My exhusband was in jail. I had to care about his big firm, beside my out patients´department and children. Besides of that I have very ill mother, even we expected her death.)
During night I woke up repeatedly with scratching. Several times I had to change the blankets for the sake of blood stains. Mostly affected were: back, arms, chest, lumbosacral region, less abdomen, waist, hypogastrium.
The itching is going on the following days with unchanged intensity. I have desire for alcohol. Even I drank a glass of plum brandy. (What my children would say?!)
32. Day (9.1.97):
Dream: In the garden of my exhusband runs his big black dog. My exhusband is present too. I mentioned his glance at me. I had impersonal impression after the dream. I just wondered why I had this kind of drem.
33.Day (10.1.97):
Still I have the itching. I am very busy, too much of work. Beside of pruritus no other symptoms. Although it´s strange for me that I have so many dreams.
Dream 1: Again the same dream as on 9.1.97. Only short dream.
Dream 2: I saw metal ladle for soup ( I have such a one in my kitchen). It was a dream without action.
38.Day (15.1.97):
Itching present in unchanged regions with same intensity. I have to scratch me. I´m disgusted a bit. I´d want to rid of that. No other problems.
Dream: I saw a big black dog lying on his right side. It was dead. It´s head was bended back and looked at me with opened eyes. (The owner of this dog was my husband too. This dog guarded one of his bulidings. It died 4 days ago because of a poisonning.It´s reality. It wasn´t a part of dream.
In the evening deterioration of health problems of my father.
40. Day (17.1.97):
7.05 - During walk to my job, in cold weather - pain of right ear, extending to whole right side of face. The lacrymation of right eye. After coming to warm room in 30 minutes the problems disappeared. Mild stitching in right ear I feel during whole day. During coming back from my work again the same symptoms as in the morning (16.00) (NS).
Today at 23.45 suddenly died my father. We didn´t expect his death. He got a brain stroke. My mother is already 4 days at home. She was in a hospital.
The itching is a bit less intense. I don´t wake up during night because of scratching. I wake up only for the sake of dreams. I had not this before.
41. Day (18.1.97):
Lacrymationof right eye with pain in right ear during walking outside, in cold. > in warm room. No discharge, no fever. During cold weather I have already several years watery discharge from nose. The intensity of this symptom is unchanged this winter even during the proving.
42. Day (19.1.97):
Since 2.00-4.00 I can´t to sleep. I woke up because of nervous lower extremities. I don´t know to find a place for them. I have to move with them. It helps a bit. When I woke up, I realized a lacrymation. It wasn´t a grief. Just I shed the tears and I was sad. Attack of heat all over the body. I couldn´t stand to be covered, but when I threw the blankets away, I felt unpleasant coldness. The another wave of heat it made much better. After the heat the nervous legs calmed down and I fell asleep again.
Forenoon, during wawlking in cold intense stitching and sharp pains in right ear. The pain is extending to the head frontally, temporally and parietally on right side. Ear is without any discharge. Lacrymation of the right eye. Nose - watery discharge. The symptoms disappear in warm after one hour.
Itching is much less intense. In job isn´t present at all. Gradually healing of scratches.
43.Day (20.1. 1997):
2.00 - 3.00 I can´t sleep, the problems are the same as on 19. 1.97 in the same time of night. However no lacrymosity and for about one hour shorter duration.
44.Day (21.1.1997):
Today is my father´s funerall.
On 1.45 I wake up, again "nervous legs", the symptoms as on the 19.1.97, milder and shorter. I can´t sleep. At 3.00 I get up from the bed. Although I don´t sleep, I don´t fell tired. I feel cold and I have "chill" on the back.
55.Day (1.2.97):
I am a toreador in red clothing. A bull attacks me and pushes me back to the fence. I wake up wondering and curious.
About 5.2. 97 the itching stopped completely, excoriations are healed up, stayed only hyperpigmentations after the wonds, without scars (chest, back, arms). Fortunatelly I don´t wear a décolletage and the uniform of doctors is quite chaste.
No problems stayed. I have neither headache, backpain, fullness feeling in thighs and calfs on back side, nor a nauzea, pressure in epigastrium, ear pain. I can eat spicy foods without eruptions on the buccal mucous membrane. The rectum is without any problems. Even I don´t have desire for alcohol anymore. I don´t have dreams now, neither one!

Prover : V. P.

Actual state before proving:
scales in hairs, mild rash in hairy part of chest, perspiration and feet sensitiv to cold, soft stool in small amount, dryness of eyes, < dry air, dryness of nasal mucosa, nasolalia, partial obstruction of nose, a day before proving started the itching of forearms and arms (ES+AS)at pulling of lobulus of left ear cracking in ear.
Proving starts: 6.12.96
Modalities: 3
Obstacles: 4
Pathology: 4
Mental and emotional: 5
Energy: 5
Creativity: 5

Day 0.:  
17°°- 18°°: dull pain paravertebrally on left side of L1-L2 (OS).
19°°: I lay on the abdomen on the floor, my child sat on my back, after rising sharp, stitching pain in sternum, feeling as if it would pressed in (OS).
Day 3.:
Three dreams: 1. Two boys are jumping down from very high trees by mean of very strange parachutes (the form of ball), which they open in last moment before landing. One of them jumped from the height about 50 meters without the parachute. Up later these jumps atracted attention of onlookers. The center of dream: height, curiosity.
The second dream: A Russian soldier is hanging on wires over the railway. He has a russian military fur cap on the head. He is following a train in high velocity. He is getting lower, approaches quickly the train and uses a camera to film something inside the train. Then in high speed restores the distance from the train and rises to the original height of  horizontal movement. He is hanging on something as a hook of air ski-lift.
The third dream: I visited a friend from childhood. I am curious how much is for kinesiologic examination. I saw his patient to give 1000 crowns on a table.
Day 4.:
In the morning after waking, intense stitching pain in lumbo-sacral region of back (OS), < the least motion, rising, walking. As if pressed nerve. Desire to do rotations of trunk(RS), mild improvement after that.
Whole day stitching pain in back, < motion, walking.
Dream : I came to a surgery department from somewhere, probably from holidays. Therefore I brought some alcohol, wine and mineral water. I didn´t understand their job. I had a feeling of uncapability. The chief came (she was a woman) and reproached me very softly. The colleagues said she uses this tone when she is already very angry. They send me to a neighbour town to describe RTG pictures of lungs. I was there, all people left already, however I couldn´t to finish my job. I had to destroy plastic covers. Feeling of helplessness and incapability.
Day 5:
The itching of arms (ES+AS) that started one day before day 0 is still present. The pains in LS region of back is already milder. Afternoon dull pain of right eyeball during motion to right side or up (NS). Dream: about spiders, which were coming out from every object, when a special electric current was intruded to it.
Day 6.: In the morning watery stool (RS). The dull eyeball pain is still present. The sharp backpain is still present.
Day 8.: Scratching pain in the throat since morning, worse during day, more right sided, swollen submandibullary lymphonode (RS). < swollowing saliva or food. Gradually better the backpain.
Day 10: Since morning stiffness of right side of neck (NS). At midnight started itching in anus, as if from worms (NS). Sensation as if some worms tried to get out. Desire to scratch. Impossible. In the evening stiffness of paravertebral muscles between the scapulas, more on the left side (AS).
Day 11.: No pains in throat. The coryza starts (RS). Stiffness of right sight of neck.
Day 12.  Coryza, green-yellow discharge, thick, nose obstructed partially, pressure in frontal sinuses, not very intense. Afternoon at 16.30 itching in rectum, deeply, desire to scratch it, but it´s not possible. 18.00 - stitching wandering in depth of rectum (NS).
Day 25: Inflammation of left corner of lips (NS). < opening mouth. It´s not painfull, only during tension of lips or skin.
Day 26: The itching of skin of forearms lasted till now. I had it in past, but not so long time and so intense. Sensation as if from dryness of skin.
Day 34: Sharp stitching as if from a thorn or a bone hanging under the mucuous membrane on the right side of oropharynx, < eating (NS).
Situation during proving - preparation the material for a work I had to write as a part of exams for specialization in pneumology. Feeling of stress, incapability, too much work, fear of failure, postponing.

Prover: Z. R.

Modalities: 3
Obstacles to cure/react: 4
Pathology: 3
Mental and emotional: 4
Energy: 3
Creativity: 4

At time of proving she started running of private outpatients department of allergology, so she didn´t proving quite properly because of lack of time. She was too busy. The symptoms she gives were very intense.
Day 0: One or two hours after the first dose of remedy I had a feeling that the sky is in one region dark as a lead, is lower and as if falling on me. It was quite intense and unpleasant feeling. It lasted 3-5 minutes.
Day 2: Intense itching of dorsum pedis, more of the right foot. It happened two days, in the evening during falling asleep in bed. I had to scratch it.
Day 10: Sensation as if  narrowed field of vision, lack of light, as if I am standing under a cloud. Dullness in mind, it´s more difficult to control the hand, the writing makes a problem. After a while of this sensation (difficult writing) i wrote  stretched out  w  o  r  d  and I stopped the writing. After 5 - 10 minutes I woke up, I wasn´t under the cloud any more, the vision was better, I could to control my hand and I continued in writing.

About three weeks I felt urge to sing, for example: "Taká, taká, taká, taká, taká som, taká..... taká bývam, taká som" and the songs like that. (Note of translator - it´s a slovak pop music song, very rhytmick and fast- like wheels of train).
I had much more dreams during proving than usually. They changed quickly, passing one to another, they were not unpleasant. I didn´t remember them after waking up beside of these:
Dream 1: I was in nice nature. I went by foot to railway station. I missed the train. I had sensation it was only short distance I couldn´t to run enough quickly to catch the train. However when I woke up I realized the distance was much bigger than I felt in my dream. In fact it would take about 2 minutes to run it. In my dream I felt the distance is only for 2-3 seconds run

Dream 2: My friend and colleague Eva was highly praised as a good specialist by her chief. I had good feeling of it. I agreed with him.

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